Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Vote for the Rod Serling Bus!

Have you seen the Rod Serling bus around town yet? Did you know that it's part of a competition sponsored by BUSRide Magazine and Oracal USA to find the "most attractive, compelling buswraps in the business"?

The Southern Tier succeeded in voting Owego as America's Coolest Small Town, so we can surely make sure that the bus picturing Rod Serling is at the top of the heap, too!

Here's how to vote:
- Visit BUSRide Magazine's website.
- Click on the box that says "2009 BUSRide/Oracal US MotorVision Competition." (It's a blue box with a bright green bus.)
- Under the heading "Transit Wrap Category," click the "VOTE NOW" button.
- Vote for the Rod Serling BC Transit bus. (The site will ask you for a little bit of information the first time you vote.)
- Vote as many times as you want!

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