Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Six-Word Memoirs

This fall, we asked local teens (and others who wanted to participate) to submit Six-Word Memoirs--telling the story of your life in just six words.

Here are the ones we received:
Happy, pretty, outstanding, glamorous, beautiful, fine. - SJL
Always changing, ever worth it. Mine! - KEH
Sad hurtful happy depression guilt worried - SAW
Hectic, stressful, depressing, busy, my own - ESS
crazy, different, funny, unlike anyone else's - NS
Lost my passion for music lately... - EMC
No father, loving family, awesome friends - NH
Some days were better than others. - PNR
I doubt too much, but live. - HJ
You can always be a star. - Anon.
Never ending, nor forgetful, cherish love. - KGC
Serious, Fun, Loving, Smart, Crazy, Loud. - MS
Faith, love and change shape life. - KS
Stress, tiring, loving, serious, exciting, bashful. - AS
Running too fast to slow down. - JVL
Corey, athletic, smart, intelligent, bright, outgoing. - CJT
I am myself and I believe. - AM
Triumph comes with whole hearted persistence. - JA
Old age challenges talents, robs abilities. - CM
eating at Golden Corral with mom - CLG
San Diego, Washington DC, Providence, Binghamton - SAB
Pain, Love, Smile, Tears, Happy, Hurt - MGK
Pretty fun, loud, bookworm, adventures, artist - LP
Hectic, crazy, exhausting... Totally worth it! - YS
Strong in body, heart + soul. - DM
much more than I ever expected - KRH
friend, sister, daughter, woman, mother, wife - AW
In Hershey everything's made of chocolate. - EY
Quiet, Funny, Kind, Loves Horses, Busy - SLP
Burned, laugh, friends, breathrough, happenstance, forgetful - MAM
Love my family. Want to write. - CR
I am adopted, I am saved. - MB
Growth, laughter, love, family, friends, hope. - MGC
My True Love is my family. - DW
Lucky to have friends in Broome. - SH
Crazy, amusing, special, fun, sad, hard - KS
Love conquers hate. Is peace love? - JPG
I'm fitting in everything I can! - TF
Crazy, fun, serious, loud, exciting, adventurous - CR
live, lied, laugh, cried, slept, died. - SVS
Meeting service dogs for the first - JMP
Days were long, years flew by. - JH
More important is what isn't seen. - SB
Have a hard time finishing my - MP
Heroes: Iron Man and Spider Man - ISC
Mirrors, staring, yelling, back at me. - GS
My lies have become my everything. - PK
Damien loves Daddy Mommy Daniel Sophia - DMVW
Drink coffee. Do stupid things faster. - JPG
I was crazy and still am! - AW
Curiosity is necessary, along with knowledge. - KR
My life can only get better! - MK
Never Ending, Ever Changing, Forever Breathing - MRH

And here are a couple that aren't exactly six words, but they're still awesome!
Music is my Life! - SR
Lost and always feels alone. - JD

For more six-word memoirs from teens all over the world, check out this book!